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Oconee County Park Rules & Regulations

These regulations have been developed to allow users to enjoy park facilities and to protect the park for future generations to enjoy. If you have any questions or observe a violation of these regulations, please contact the Park Superintendent.

  1. Quiet hours at all county parks are 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. Park gates will be locked during quiet hours. At Chau Ram Park, the gate is locked at dusk. All persons, unless in boat, must enter park through main entrance. 
  2. The consumption and/or possession of ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are PROHIBITED on all park property. This includes the camping area and campsites. 
  3. No attempt shall be made to destroy, deface, disturb, alter or remove any facilities, wildlife or vegetation in any park. Cutting or trimming trees or underbrush is prohibited. 
  4. Build fires only in designated areas. Do not leave burning unattended. All fires must be completely extinguished before leaving. 
  5. All garbage and refuse shall be placed in cans or plastic bags for collection. Scavenging in waste containers or on park grounds is prohibited. 
  6. All liquid waste including sewage and grey water must be collected and disposed of at dump station. There is a $5.00 fee for campers not staying in campground to use the dump station. 
  7. All pets must be on leash or under physical restraint at all times. Pets will not be left unattended. Horses, cattle or other livestock are prohibited unless authorized by PRT Director. 
  8. Only campers and their guests are allowed in campground. No cruising is allowed in campgrounds. 
  9. Camp only at designated sites. Only one camper and one tent, or two tents per site, and not more than 2 vehicles and six persons, including visitors. No washing of vehicles, campers or boats on site. Maximum stay of 30 days on one site. 
  10. All guests must leave the park before gate closing time unless staying overnight. Fee for opening gate for other than emergencies is $50.00. 
  11. All posted speed limits and other regulations shall be followed. 
  12. Keep vehicles on established roads; park only in designated areas. The use of off road vehicles, three wheelers, mini- bikes, go-carts, mopeds, unlicensed golf carts and other “All Terrain Vehicles” is prohibited. 
  13. Due to underground wiring, digging and/or trenching is not allowed. Use wood, fiberglass or plastic tent stakes only.
  14. The possession or use of fireworks, explosives, firearms or other weapons is prohibited. Authorized law enforcement officers in performance of their duties are exceptions to this regulation. 
  15. No vendors or commercial activities unless authorized in writing by PRT Director.
  16. Recreation facilities and picnic areas are available on a first come first serve basis unless reserved. The Recreation building is available by reservation only. A fee will be charged for use of lights on tennis courts. 
  17. Loud radios, televisions, engines or other activities that unreasonably disturb other park users are prohibited. 
  18. Fees for various activities are charged as shown in separate fee schedules. Failure to pay proper fees is prohibited.
  19. All camping units must have current license plate or registration in order to camp. 
  20. Must be at least 18 years old and have a valid picture ID to register for camping. Campers are responsible for the conduct of their guests. 
  21. Failure to comply with any park rule may result in expulsion from all county parks, imprisonment up to 30 days, a fine up to $500, or a combination of the above.



This area is not designated, licensed or operated as a natural public swimming area by Oconee County. Swimming is not condoned or encouraged. Dangerous and/or unknown conditions may exist. Parents must be with children at all times.